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Would you like to obtain a degree in Computer Forensics? While there are no proper computer forensics degrees or certifications in New Jersey, students seeking an education in that discipline still have a number of options available. While online education is always available no matter the location, New Jersey residents who prefer traditional brick-and-mortar campuses do not stand at a disadvantage. The following schools provide programs in both criminal justice and computer science for the resourceful student to incorporate into personalized computer forensics training:

Below is a complete list that we have found to be the most accurate and also the top accredited schools available. Use the Click Here buttons to request additional information on that particular school or program.

Top ONLINE Computer Forensics Training Schools in New Jersey

Bachelor in Info Security & Forensics
Kaplan University – This accredited online computer forensics training degree gives students the computer forensics and security skills they need to succeed in an affordable tuition package.

Bachelors in Computer Forensics
DeVry University – DeVry worked with computer industry leaders to develop a curriculum that incorporates the most up to date techniques and technologies, in a fast and flexible online format.

Bachelor in Systems Security
Westwood College – As a top accredited online university, Westwood College offers a national name, affordability, and flexible class schedules with all of its online degree programs.

Bachelor Computer Forensics
American InterContinental University – This Bachelor in Computer Forensics degree allows students to get the training they need in a fast, affordable, and flexible online training format.

Bachelor Computer Security & Forensics
Capella University – This computer forensics training program is fully accredited, and because it is online, students can complete the degree at their own pace from home at an affordable price.

Bachelor Computer Security & Forensics
Utica College – From one of the nation’s most respected universities, this online bachelors program offers a respected name and broad training focus that prepare graduates well to enter the workforce.

Masters in CyberSecurity
Virginia College Online – Virginia’s Master of Science in Cybersecurity program is designed for individuals who want to be leaders of IT security teams or divisions. Financial aid is available.

Masters Computer Info Sys Security
Boston University – This accredited online masters in computer forensics training program is for individuals who want the training needed to lead a computer forensics team in a management capacity.

Top CAMPUS Computer Forensics Training Schools in New Jersey

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science

Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice

Bachelor of Arts/Master of Arts in Criminal Justice

Bachelor of Science/Master of Arts in Criminal Justice

Rutgers University – Both the computer science and criminal justice programs are available at all three Rutgers campuses, located in Camden, Newark, and New Brunswick. However, the Newark location only offers the BS in computer science while the others give students the option of the BS or the BA. All of the universities under the Rutgers banner pride themselves on offering a level of flexibility and customization in their educational programs. This philosophy is perfectly suited to students needing to create a degree plan maximizing their potential in the computer forensics field.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

Master of Science in Criminal Justice

New Jersey City University – Meeting with a counselor, instructor, or other education professional is essential when wanting to find ways to blend criminal justice and computer science courses in a manner that properly emulates a more formalized computer forensics degree.

Bachelor of Science in Criminology

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

The College of New Jersey – In addition to the criminology and computer science programs, TCNJ explicitly allows students to design their own degree plan under the guidance of an administrator. Because they offer classes in both criminology and computer science, it is possible for students to acquire the training and education essential to landing a satisfying computer forensics position.

We strive to provide the most accurate and comprehensive resource possible on the subject of computer forensics programs. Should you notice an accredited degree or certification at a traditional campus, do not hesitate to drop us an e-mail and bring it to our attention.

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